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How can we build investor confidence in microbiome drug development?

What: A virtual workshop, senior level only. No fee to register your interest and attend the meeting. Please be aware this is part of a subscription solution.

When & where: 1st June 2023 | 7:00 – 8:30am EDT | Digital

Topic: How can we build investor confidence in microbiome drug development?

So far 2023 has proven to be a big year for microbiome drug development, with the FDA lifting their clinical hold of MaaT Pharma's lead microbiome therapeutic trial and Seres Therapeutics receiving their 2nd approval from the US FDA, to name a couple of the headlines from recent months.

Despite this positive news, there has been recent acknowledgment of a slowdown in funding for the microbiome drug development landscape, which is why the next workshop in the series from the Microbiome Drug Development Searchlight network, will focus on building investor confidence.

You can join network members and key investors in the microbiome ecosystem to gain an update from the best in the industry and join a focused discussion around what recent events mean for investment in the field, including:

  • What do strategic VCs and Angel investors look for in Microbiome Drug Developers?
  • Does this align with experience from previous, successful funding?
  • Where is investor confidence lacking in this space?
  • What are the differing approaches to building a compelling story when pitching investors

With key investor insight and an overview of the current financial landscape from Caleb Bell, Venture Partner and Sou Miyake, Director Of Investment at Corundum Systems Biology, you will walk away being able to overcome drug developer > investor language barriers and the strategies you need to boost investor confidence in your microbiome drug development.

Join your peers and ensure you walk away with common solutions and actionable points to help move the industry forward and boost investor confidence in the space.

Why: The event is driven by interaction between participants and promotes candid exchange of information between companies. Only senior-level execs are invited. You will make high-quality new connections and learn from peers about best practice.

Audience: Senior Microbiome Drug Development Leaders from Across the Life Sciences Industry

Meeting contributors:

  • Servatus Biopharmaceuticals  
  • Nexbiome  
  • Microba  
  • MRM Health  
  • Metagen Therapeutics  
  • Biomica 
  • AOBiome Therapeutics  
  • Harvard Medical School  
  • Groningen Bimolecular and Biotechnology Institute 

We have a limited number of trial places available at this meeting, so if you would value the opportunity to see how a Microbiome Drug Development: Searchlight subscription can help you, apply to join this meeting.

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