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We know the challenge of wanting to be information-rich when you are time-poor. 

That’s why Microbiome Drug Development: Searchlight has been designed by your peers to help strategic microbiome-focused leaders like you find crucial shortcuts to solve the industry's biggest challenges as a collaborative.

Microbiome specialists from the industry's most innovative drug development organizations are already working together to tackle challenges we are all trying to solve in isolation. From "pre-clinical challenges around animal models and understanding the mechanisms and functionality of the microbiome" to the "regulation of microbiome therapies, particularly LBP’s", membership will empower you to make better microbiome drug development decisions and accelerate the next generation of microbiome drugs to the clinic and beyond.

We have a limited number of trial places available at our next meeting, so if you would value the opportunity to see how the Microbiome Drug Development: Searchlight network can help you, apply to attend the next 1.5 hour meeting now.

Samantha Coulson, Head of Clinical Research, Servatus Biopharmaceuticals

“As leaders in the microbiome field with the goal to develop both safe and efficacious LBP drugs to meet the unmet needs of patients; we are all simultaneously facing our challenges. The most logical way to bring LBPs to market at an efficient pace is to share our experiences and knowledge whilst maintaining our Intellectual Property, that will accelerate benefits to the patient. And this is the opportunity I see that the Searchlight Network will provide.”

Karine Roget, Chief Scientific Officer, Nexbiome

We can support one another in making meaningful progress by exchanging knowledge and offering guidance based on our own experiences. Being part of this Microbiome Drug Development Searchlight network means that we are more than willing to work collectively in this exciting and challenging fast-growing field.”

Trent Munro, Senior Vice President of Therapeutics, Microba

“My view is that the microbiome therapeutics sector is at a critical juncture as first-generation donor derived programs move into the clinical and cell bank derived consortia and single strain products move further down clinic translation. To help the sector address these challenges we require a central forum that can focus on the technical aspects of regulatory, CMC and clinical development. This searchlight network has the potential to be that essential forum for the microbiome industry”

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